Kashmir University suspends classwork on 30th of April due to bad weather conditions

Kashmir University

Srinagar, April 29, 2024: In response to the adverse weather conditions gripping the picturesque Kashmir Valley, the University of Kashmir has announced the suspension of classwork at its main satellite campus on Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

The decision comes as heavy rainfall and inclement weather continue to batter the region, posing challenges to commuting and safety concerns for students and faculty alike. The university authorities have prioritized the well-being of its academic community, opting to suspend classes to ensure the safety and comfort of all.

Kashmir University classwork suspended

The University of Kashmir remains vigilant in monitoring the weather situation and will provide further updates as necessary. Students and faculty are advised to stay tuned to official university channels for any additional announcements regarding class schedules.

This precautionary measure underscores the university’s commitment to the welfare of its students and staff during challenging weather conditions. The administration urges everyone to exercise caution and stay indoors unless absolutely necessary, prioritizing safety above all else.

For further information and updates, students and faculty members are encouraged to visit the university’s official website and social media platforms.