JKSSB Cancels Selection of Candidate for Class-IV Post; Imposes One-Year Debarment


Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board (JKSSB) has made a decisive move concerning the final selection of candidates for Class-IV posts, under the provisions of the Jammu & Kashmir Appointment to Class-IV (Special Recruitment) Rules, 2020. In its latest order, the board has canceled the recommendation of a candidate and imposed a one-year debarment.

Mr. Aayaz Hussain Doie, hailing from Tangmarg, Damhal, Kulgam, found himself in the limelight as his selection for the Class-IV post in the School Education Department was initially withheld. His recommendation, Serial No. 2179 in the ST category, was put on hold pending clarification regarding his Casual Worker Certificate and maximum qualification.

Upon scrutiny, it was discovered that Mr. Doie’s Casual Worker Certificate, issued by the Divisional Forest Officer, Kulgam, did not hold merit. The officer stated in clear terms that Mr. Doie was not associated with any labor capacity within their jurisdiction.

Consequently, the matter was brought before the Board, which decided to annul Mr. Doie’s recommendation for the Class-IV post. Furthermore, the board imposed a debarment on Mr. Doie, preventing him from applying for future posts advertised by the JKSSB for a period of one year.

Mr. Doie, in response to the board’s decision, appealed for leniency. The matter was revisited by the Board in its 264th meeting, considering Mr. Doie’s plea. After careful consideration, the Board decided to reduce the period of debarment from five years to one year, while upholding the cancellation of his recommendation for the Class-IV posts.

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The decision comes as a reminder of the JKSSB’s commitment to maintaining transparency and integrity in the recruitment process. It also underscores the importance of adhering to the stipulated criteria and guidelines in all aspects of selection.

This development serves as a cautionary tale for prospective candidates, emphasizing the significance of furnishing authentic documentation and adhering to the prescribed regulations. It also highlights the board’s adherence to due process and fairness in handling such matters.