JKPSC Postpones Exams for Various Posts Due to LG Admin’s Failure to Appoint Members

Jammu and Kashmir, 14 May 2024 — The Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC) has announced the postponement of the Written Examinations for several key positions, scheduled for 18th and 19th May 2024. This decision impacts candidates for the roles of Fisheries Development Officer, Assistant Floriculture Officer, Works Manager, and Horticulture Development Officer.

The postponement, as stated in the official notice dated 14th May 2024, is due to a significant administrative setback: all member positions within the JKPSC are currently vacant. This shortage has crippled the commission’s ability to proceed with ongoing recruitments, causing widespread delays and frustration among candidates.

An official from JKPSC confirmed the severe impact of operating without its members, highlighting that not only has the completion of current recruitment processes been delayed, but new recruitment notifications have also been stalled. This bureaucratic bottleneck has left many aspirants in a state of uncertainty and distress.

Candidates aspiring for the Assistant Professor positions within the Higher Education Department (HED) have voiced their grievances regarding the delayed interview process. They reported that although recruitment notifications were issued in May 2023, and several subjects have seen completed recruitments, others have been stalled due to the absence of a chairperson for an extended period.

Further exacerbating the situation, aspirants for various gazetted positions within the Health and Medical Education Department echoed similar frustrations. They complained about unexplained delays in their interview processes, which have left them in limbo.

“The recruitment notifications for these positions in the HED were issued a year ago. While some subjects like Mathematics and Physics faced issues requiring exams to be conducted twice, we were optimistic that things would improve with the appointment of a new chairman,” explained an aspirant. “However, now we are told the process is on hold due to the lack of commission members.”

The aspirants collectively expressed their anguish over the prolonged delays, urging the Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor’s administration to address the issue promptly. “We appeal to the J&K LG administration to address this issue promptly and complete the recruitment process without any further delay,” the candidates stated.

In response to these concerns, Dar, a spokesperson for JKPSC, reassured that efforts are underway to resolve the staffing crisis. “All the positions of members are lying vacant. As and when the commission gets new members, the recruitment process will be expedited and completed in a time-bound manner,” he assured.