Exploring Allama Iqbal’s Philosophy of Harmony and Peace in Indian Context: A Seminar at University of Kashmir

Kashmir University

Srinagar, June 16, 2024 – The Iqbal Institute of Culture and Philosophy (IICP) at the University of Kashmir (KU) organized a thought-provoking seminar on Wednesday to delve into the impact of Allama Iqbal’s philosophy on harmony and peace within the Indian context. The daylong seminar, titled “Iqbal’s Approach to Indian Philosophy of Harmony and Peace,” … Read more

World Food Safety Day 2024; Poster, Slogan, Essay, and Short Speech Ideas

World Food Safety Day 2024

World Food Safety Day is celebrated annually on June 7th, raising awareness about the importance of food safety and promoting actions to improve food safety globally. In 2024, the theme is “Safe Food Now for a Healthy Tomorrow,” emphasizing the critical role that safe food plays in ensuring good health and well-being. Whether you’re a … Read more

Traffic Violations and Penalties in Jammu and Kashmir: A Comprehensive Guide

Traffic Violations and Penalties in Jammu and Kashmir

With the implementation of the new Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2019, the Jammu and Kashmir Traffic Police have revised the penalties for traffic violations. This update aims to enhance road safety, discourage negligent driving, and ensure that traffic regulations are strictly followed. Here’s a detailed list of traffic violations and their corresponding penalties: Revised Penalties … Read more